Demand Response for California Agricultural Irrigation

A paper by Gary Marks of iP Solu­tions, “Oppor­tu­ni­ties for Demand Response in Cal­i­for­nia Agri­cul­tural Irri­ga­tion: A Scop­ing Study” has just been pub­lished by the Demand Response Research Cen­ter (DRRC).

Link to the DRRC version

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Invitation to Join DRRC Industrial Controls Experts Group

Gary Marks of iP Solu­tions cor­po­ra­tion has been invited to join the Demand Response Research Cen­ter (DRRC) Indus­trial Con­trols Experts Group.  On Feb­ru­ary 10th, 2011 the group met to con­sult on a study, “Assess­ing the Con­trol Sys­tems Capac­ity for Demand Response in Cal­i­for­nia Indus­tries”.

Link to Final Report at the DRRC