Voltage Regulator Modules

High-Speed Regulator Module

High-Speed ATE Reg­u­la­tor Module

The iP Solu­tions Volt­age Reg­u­la­tor Mod­ules are high-speed 0–3.0V, 25A reg­u­la­tor boards suit­able for plug­ging into ATE load boards close to the Device Under Test ( DUT). These high-speed reg­u­la­tors respond to di/dt demands much faster than the typ­i­cal ATE sup­ply is capa­ble of doing.

The fast response of the reg­u­la­tor allows a sig­nif­i­cant reduc­tion in the total value of the decou­pling capac­i­tance required to keep the DUT volt­age con­stant despite large and fast di/dt changes (25A/nsec). This capac­i­tance value can often be reduced by a fac­tor of 100 or more for a given DUT di/dt step load change and volt­age droop requirement.


  • Pro­gram­ma­ble 0–3.0V, 25A regulator
  • Less than 30mV droop for 25A/nsec di/dt load change
  • Low Dropout Volt­age (<500mV for 25Amp out­put) reduces power dissipation
  • Iout mea­sured directly by ATE sup­ply source
  • Small board size: 2.0”W 2.8”L 0.7”H
  • Plug­gable for easy instal­la­tion and removal
  • Over-temperature auto shut-down and sta­tus signal
  • Volt­age shut-down con­trol inde­pen­dent of pro­grammed Vout value

Wafer Sort Datasheet

Final Test Datasheet

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